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    • Please save yourself some time, and make sure that you meet our applicant requirements before posting your application. (see below)
    • In order to apply you must first register a shivtr-account. Make sure that the e-mail you use is a valid one you will have acces to later.
    • Press "Apply" in the upper right corner to begin. Answer the questionaire as detailed as possible, remember that this is our first impression of you! The officers will review your application and perhaps leave comments or questions. Come back and reply when able. A link to your finished application will be sent to your e-mail.
    • Note that only yourself and players within the guild will be able to see your application.
Apply to Join
Applicant Requirements:
In order to have your application considered, the following requirements must be met:
  • Your character must have pre-raid BiS gear or better.
  • Your character must have completed the Blackwing Lair and Naxxramas attunements.
  • Extensive Vanilla experience on VanillaGaming or elsewhere.
  • Epic quality equipment (MC/BWL minimum)
  • All Attunements
  • Resistance gear-sets
  • End-game quality equipment (BWL/AQ40 minimum)

Required Addons
You may like to play without Addons, but these are your absolute minimum, please download these before applying:
Click on the names to Download.

- KLHTreatMeter (known as KTM - keeps track on aggro)
- BigWigs VG (raid boss timers)
- CThunWarner (radius-checker)
- Anaron's WoW Mod (enables consumables/durability checking)
- Decursive (raid cleanse/dispelling - some classes only)
Guild Information
About De Profundis
<De Profundis> was formed in November 2012, and is VanillaGaming's oldest and most successful guild. After 4 Years we claimed the Horde First kill on Kel'Thuzad. There are many reasons for this, but an important one is our casual environment where individuals can satisfy their nostalgia for Classic 1.12 World of Warcraft. We aim to experience the Classic content to the fullest, and this means that we are open to many ways that were uncommon in the old times of 2006. Class specs can therefore be flexible, although performance and results are always the determining factor before allowing for this. We have raided with Balance-specced druids, Smite priests, Enhancement shamans, Arms Warriors, and we are very proud of our "casual" approach to World of Warcraft. The officers strike a balance between efficiency and enjoyment, and we take pride in the fact that bosses are defeated by our liberal raid composition.

Our main raid days are Sunday, Monday and Thursday. That's when we aim to do either Naxxramas, Ahn'Qiraj Temple or Blackwing Lair. Our Main focus is to clear Naxxramas, but we try to rotate the raids sometimes so that players who can only raid on Sundays for example see all the content as well. We will skip giving the full details here, in the attempt to shorten this guild information post abit. Full guild rules and procedures are naturally found in the member-only section.

All our raids start at 19:10 servertime with priority-invites to those near the instance entrance. We aim to do our first pull at around 19:15. If more people want to join the raid than we have room for, then we use a organized reserves-list. Players who remain online while on this list will earn 75 % of the effort points that the raid earns. If a spot opens in the raid, then players on the Reserves-list will be offered the spot before others.
Players who show up late to the raid (after 19:30) can also join the reserves list and hope to get a spot, but they will only earn 50 % of the EP.

Officer Team
Guildmaster: Kelseran
Raid Officers: Almisael, Hornagaur, Markelos, Ryl, Xlimidrizer
Recruitent Officers: Morrie, Healdealz
Class Leaders:
Priest: Ryl
Druid: Kugal
Rogue: Miagi
Mage: Stygga
Warlock: Staa
Hunter: Vacant
Shaman: Sorkas
Tank Warrior: Almisael
Fury Warrior: Markelos

Progression History
Defeating all bosses since:

Molten Core: January 2013
Zul'Gurub: February 2013
Blackwing Lair: February 2013
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj: March 2013
Ahn'Qiraj Temple: May 2013
Spider Wing: June 2013
Abomination Wing: January 2014
Plague Wing: April 2015
Deathknight Wing: March 2016
Frostwyrm Lair: March 2017

Loot Distribution
We use an EP/GP-system (Effort Points/Gear Points) to allocate loot. Players each have a "Ratio," defined by the quotient of their Effort Points divided by their Gear Points. Players who attend most raids have therefore the highest amount of Effort Points, but the amount of Loot they have recently received is a factor that can bring their overall Ratio down. In this way, even players who only attend an average amount of raids will still be able to get their desired items if they have not recently received loot.

Aspirants start with 0 EP and 100 GP, for a Ratio of 0 / 100 = 0.
As players raid, they earn EP for killing bosses, donating materials to the Guild Bank, and for coming to raids on time.
As players receive Loot, they also receive a fixed amount of GP depending on the item looted. There is no "bidding" on loot.

You can see your EP / GP Ratio at any time by viewing your character's "Officer's Note" in-game.

Each week, we perform a 15% Decay of each player's cumulative Effort Points and Gear Points earned in order to encourage activity and allow new players to catch up with old.

EP/GP is our main tool to allocate loot, but we also have a small number of other priorities and rules in place to make loot distribution fairer and more casual.

Loot Priority

1 Core Members Mainspec
2 Members Mainspec
3 Aspirants Mainspec
4 Members Offspec (GP is halved)
5 Aspirants Offspec (GP is halved)

The Master Looter will call out the Item via Raid Warning / Teamspeak.
We call it rolls because players express their interest in an item by typing /roll in the chat. It doesn't matter what you roll - this is just for our addon to pick up your Ratio from your Officer's Note. The item will be distributed to the player with Highest Priority and Ratio.

Additional Loot Rules

  • The 5-point Rule:
    • Members can receive off-spec Loot during the mainspec roll if they have at least 5 in EP/GP Ratio. In addition, they need to have 5 full points higher ratio than the next highest mainspec in order to win.
    • Players using the 5-point Rule will receive the Full GP price for the item if they win.

  • Fixed Price Items:
    • Have no Mainspec nor offspec.
    • Items typically fall into this category if they are quest-items with multiple rewards -or- not designed for any viable PvE-spec -or- Nature, Frost or Shadow-resistance items.

  • Special Priorities:
    • Rare-recipes are reserved for selected Guild Crafters. Legendary Items are also reserved for a selected list of players, however with a big GP-value attached, they won't be free.
    • Thunderfury is open to both Warriors and Rogues
    • Atiesh is open to Mages, Warlocks, Priests and Druids.
    • Those Legendary Items are rewards to our Raiders who have shown longstanding loyalty and effort.

Activity Requirements
Aspirants who drop below 400 effort points may be removed from the guild, however this does not take effect until 3 weeks after joining the guild. (it is possible to earn more than this amount in a single week if you attend every single raid, so our activity requirements are not very high).
Members who drop below 400 effort points will be demoted to Casual-rank.
Members need to maintain a minimum activity level of 1000 EP to be eligible for their loot priority over aspirants. Members with less than 1000 effort points will have the same loot priority as aspirants.
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